IN EXECUTIE- Belgurhon Lincoln – Primul pe acest nume

Due to our profession, we designed many houses and, contrary to the majority of people, we know exactly how much it costs and what activities are needed to build a house.

                After the birth of our first childe, we needed to build a house with a garden or a weekend home. However, our small town is surrounded by beautiful places, and we wanted a house in each of them! This is where the idea was born to build a house that is easy to move from one place to the other, that is not big, but has all the elements of a normal house (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, workspace etc.).

                The preliminary research and designing went very quickly, since there are many similar projects in the Internet. Within a couple of weeks, we knew exactly what we wanted and we had the final shape of the building.

                The more difficult task was to find a foundation for the house, until one day, I found the ideal foundation – an American Lincoln limousine – on my favourite shopping website (olx.ro). This car had the necessary length, load-bearing capacity and price, since the seller wanted to disassemble it. We removed the car body and treated the surface of the chassis, and we started to build the house structure.  The two of us (we are both engineers), our parents (working on the construction project) and our friends did 90% of the building. Hereby, we would like to thank them for their invaluable help! Thank you Uncle Csaba, Uncle Feri, Zsolt, Levente, Lehel, Tamás, Hunor, Péter, Barni, Jocó, István and everyone, who helped us with a good deed or even a good word!!! The works related to electricity, water and safety, were carried out by our excellent professionals.

                For the final result, check out the pictures below or come and visit our first house in Csíkszereda.


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